We grow 80+ varieties of crops
at Pitchfork.

We are a small, organic produce farm located in Burlington's Intervale.

We focus on a handful of high value crops that we enjoy growing:  primarily salad greens, tomatoes, and root crops - though there isn’t too much that you won’t find growing here.  We manage to keep our costs down due to our low input methods of farming, and we pass the savings on to our chefs and buyers.  As a result, our locally grown, organic produce can be found in a large array of restaurants and grocery stores. This is how we’re able to deliver high quality, healthy food to a broad spectrum of people within our community.

We also run a small CSA that focuses on diverse, nutritious foods, community events, and wild edibles. Pick-up is at the farm on Tuesday afternoons, from 4:30 - 7:00pm. Missed shares are available for pick-up in our cooler.


El Cortijo
The Gryphon
The Guild Tavern
Penny Cluse
Intervale Food Hub CSA
Tomgirl Juice, Co.
UVM Medical Center
Pascolo Ristorante
Hen of the Wood

Thanks to our clients! ♥

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth
Bluebird Barbecue
Misery Loves Co.
City Market Coop
Duino Duende
Farmhouse Tap and Grill
Frank Pace Catering
Pingala Cafe
MLC Bakeshop
Revolution Kitchen
Healthy Living
Leunigs Bistro